3D Liquid Leather

3D Liquid Leather

Heerlijke lederen geur , zoals leer hoort te ruiken.

- Reinigt, voedt en beschermt leer in één behandeling 
- Te gebruiken voor zowel uw auto als in huis 
- Met Mink olie om het leer extra te voeden om het soepel en mooi te houden 
- Niet vette leerbehandeling 
- Te gebruiken voor alle leer(soorten)

Meer informatie

13,50 € incl. BTW

Liquid leather is the fastest way to clean, condition, and beautify the leather interior of your vehicle in one step.  This gentle leather cleaner not only gets your leather looking like new again, but it supplies the leather with UV inhibitors in order to prevent aging and cracking.  With advanced formulation including pH-Balancing agents, you can be sure that it will match the pH Balance of your leather car seat, and it will prevent leather from drying, thus saving expensive hides. Now with mink oil and neat’s foot oil it will enrich your leather like the high quality tanneries use.

This leather cleaner is perfect for leather seats, leather dash boards, and leather arm rests.  If you are looking for a leather conditioner that also adds a smooth suppleness to the texture of the leather then this will be the best product for your needs.

If you recently bought your car and are curious how to maintain your new leather seats on your new Porsche or other luxury sports car, then you can use liquid leather from time to time to restore the natural oils and keep your car seats from aging. Use it once every few months, the mink oil in this superior leather conditioner formulation is all you will need to maintain your leather seats. 3D Liquid Leather is a perfect product to condition your white car seats, as well as brown, black and dark leather seats.… well let’s just say preserve any colored leather seats, as it also acts as a water repellant. Another good feature about this product is that it will not cause any slipperiness on your leather seats. 3D recommends for leather care this invaluable conditioner to extend the life of your hide from cracking rapid aging. It is also great to protect synthetic vinyl seats; as you may know, vinyl seats are susceptible for aging and premature cracking. 3D liquid leather will add life to your vinyl dashboards and seats while protecting from regular use.

This special formula goes on easy and is very gentle on the leather.    Liquid leather leaves no greasy residue as it makes your leather look natural and revitalized.  Simply use a soft microfiber towel to apply the Liquid Leather, and then wipe with a dry microfiber towel for the final wipe off.  For stains, lightly scrub the stained area with Liquid Leather to loosen up the stain, and then wipe off with a dry microfiber towel.  If you are looking for an easy way to get your leather looking new again, use Liquid Leather.

This leather cleaner and conditioner can be used on all types of leather. You can even use it to clean leathers that have different color pigmentation, just be sure to test in an inconspicuous area first to see there are no alterations. This is the best leather cleaner and conditioner on the web.